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About the DERIVE User Group
The DERIVE User Group was founded founded in 1991. The DUG now consists of more than 500 members from all over the world. The DUG publishes the DERIVE-Newsletter four times a year and organizes local User Group meetings.
Each DERIVE-Newsletter has 46 pages minimum (40 pages 1995 and 34 pages before), with information about how DERIVE and the CAS-TIs are being used.
Fill in the application form and become a member of the DUG. All back issues of the DERIVE Newsletter may be ordered. Find some highlights of the past on the back of the application form.

DERIVE Newsletter Contributions

The goals of the DERIVE Newsletter are to enable the exchange of experiences with DERIVE and the CAS-TIs as well as to create a group to discuss the possibilities of new methodological and didactic manners in teaching mathematics.
Please send all DERIVE Newsletter contributions to the DUG. Contributions will be edited but not assessed. By submitting articles the author gives her/his consent for reprinting in the DERIVE Newsletter.


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